Crossing Iraqi Rainbow

Project Period : April 1st 2017- December 31st 2020

Rasan Staff had training in Beirut for the project manager, project coordinator project consultant and assistance and the social worker, the aim was to build Rasan’s capacity in different projects including LGBT+ related latest knowledge and research, safety principles, convincing skills, debating skills,

Crossing iraqi rainbow1

Two community forums were held with the presence of community leaders each from different sectors in the government, including Directorate of health, General Directorate of education, UNHCR, Directorate of Rehabilitation Center of Woman and Juvenile in Suleymaniyah, Directorate of Endowment and Religious Affairs, A lawyer, A business man, an Imam from the Fatwa comity in Kurdistan region and University lecturer and master student of college of Human Science social work department/University of Sulaymaniyah. The attendees were targeted to be present for the benefit of action plans and Rasan’s aim in the advocacy process of LGBT+ matters in specific influential locations.

Crossing iraqi rainbow3Online and office based consultancy and support: social worker and case manager will be online during work hours to receive cases, and a special room in the office to provide privacy and psychosocial support for the LGBT+ community.

Designing and printing out brouchers that contain facts and knowledge about LGBT+ community in terms of their historical background, scientific background, and real life stories to be distributed on people.