Rasan Organization

We are a community of individuals in Sulaymaniyah with a vision of having a country of gender equality and liberty. We strive to improve the lives of women, youth, and LGBT+ in Iraq.

Who do we work with?

Rasan works with every woman in the country, especially the ones who need help or are in danger. We also work with LGBT+ community to provide them the same assistance we provide to women. Rasan believes that every woman can be a productive person and we believe that LGBT+ should be equal to others in our country. We work to provide our clients and others a better life because we believe they deserve it. Besides providing legal, social, and psychological help to the ones who seek help from Rasan, we also work continuously on raising awareness and teaching people about the rights they possess so they cannot be exploited in any way.

The Best. Thank you very much Rasan Members for all of your supports towards LGBT.


Love the murals they help people in every day life. I’m hoping to keep seeing more of your work this is 1 of my top 10 favorite organizations. I understand that this is a very tough place for LGBTQ which is why it’s very impressive your working in these areas.


This is so helpful for the teen trans and the other member of LGBT community, that needs support and love especially who experiencing violence.. i hope this rasan org may be successfull of what they want to achieve. ❤️❤️❤️