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16 Days of Activism 2016

Over the course of 16 days of activism in 2016, Rasan Organization performed the following high-impact acts:

  • Rasan Organization painted the wall of three schools in Sulaimanyah City with the purpose of spreading the message of gender equality, love, coexistence and woman’s right.
  • Rasan Organization used the billboards on the streets to put pictures that were signs of being against early marriage, domestic violence and woman harassment in workplace. There posters were there for 16 days.
  • Life skill awareness seminars were given in Rehabilitation Directorate of Sulaimanyah with the aim of increasing the self- evaluation of the 30 women who attended the seminars.
  • Distributing four empty orange colored posters in different areas in Sulaimanyah with these questions on:
  1. What is your mother to you?
  2. What is female in your life to you?
  3. How to stop violence against woman?
  4. What makes you use violence against woman?

The aim of the questions were to make people take a second to re consider their actions and appreciate the woman in their lives.


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