Services, Campaigns, and Awareness

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Protection and Support

We provide legal, psychological, and social support directly for women clients and LGBTQI by explaining and helping them exercise their legal, social, medical, economical, and political rights.

We also provide women with basic needs such as food, hygiene, and clothes–especially for vulnerable women such as refugees, IDPs, widows, pregnant mothers, and divorced women.


Training courses are available for workshops for women, men, and youth. Awareness raising for leaders in society such as government officials, tribal chiefs, religious leaders, political parties, and other community supporters.

We are also working with community advisory committees and youth to combat violence against women and girls and promote LGBTQI rights.

We host conferences and seminars to raise awareness about women’s rights and the impacts of gender-based violence.

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Research and monitoring

We collect and compile data on the prevalence of gender-based violence and LGBTQI community publishing findings on an online database.

Conducting assessments to understand the basic needs of women and LGBTQI in host communities, refugee camps and IDPs areas.

Lobby and alliance

Working in coordination with the Kurdish government, we are influencing the development of legal standards and laws that protect women and LGBTQI.

Combating traditions and customs that contradict women’s rights and LGBTQI Rights.

Women’s capacity building and Empowerment

We do professional training, special educational programs and professional curricula, and research and economic studies that contribute to raising the standard of living for women.