Rasan’s seminar for the next generation

The children are our future, and they learn good manners from the adults surrounding them. Our organization held a seminar in Ferdaus kindergarten on September 19 to the teachers, hopefully, they can teach what they learned to our future generations so we can advance towards a better and equal society.

September seminars in Chamchamal

Rasan organization has held numerous seminars at Chamchamal throughout September, such as the seminar at the Ministry of Agriculture and the seminar at Youth Center. The purposes of the seminars were to raise awareness about women’s rights and how to protect themselves from harm’s way.

“Strong Women” In Chamchamal, Kalar, Kalakn, Garmian, Arbat Camp, Xabat, Charmo University and Sulaimanyah City.

                  Rasan Organization has been extended around 11 seminars since February 1st, 2019, for more than 250 women and young girls inside Sulaimaniyah and around in Chamchamal, Kalar, Kalakn, Garmian, Arbat Camp, Xabat, Charmo University under the name of a project “Strong Women”. After getting feedback fromContinue reading “Strong Women” In Chamchamal, Kalar, Kalakn, Garmian, Arbat Camp, Xabat, Charmo University and Sulaimanyah City.

Project Department

Women’s awareness of the laws of the draft personal status 32 lectures in 32 quarter in Kirkuk for 4 months by support RTI 2004. Constitutional awareness project for women in Erbil in 2005 with the support of the ICSP for 2 months and a half in counties and districts of Erbil (Barzyn, Ainkawa, brhushtr, bnaslawah,Continue reading Project Department

Society Department

Since 2008 we received 55 cases (social problems for women) of which the problems of social, political, ideological, family, and other social problems suffered by women, was resolved most of these problems thought the legal and social assistance which provided by the organization through (2 of legal professionals, and social worker) and a few ofContinue reading Society Department

Media Department

Publish monthly newspaper that talked about women rights. Was started at (2006) till (Oct. 2010) the total is 85 No. Share the postcard to awareness about using a new technology such as (cell phone, internet, Bluetooth) and not a harnessed provoke and violence against them, 14th of July 2010 till 1st of Sep. 2010 atContinue reading Media Department

Women Can Be

Project Period: July 1st 2016 – December 31st 2016 Direct support to 1200 beneficiaries will increase access to protection and assistance achieved through awareness on available activities of Rasan for IDPs, refugees and host community and woman safe spaces are open to all women in community, especially to the participants of the seminars to express themselves andContinue reading Women Can Be