Looking Back at Our 2019

2019 came to an end. Let’s take a look back at what Rasan did throughout 2019. Here are some of the notable places we held seminars in to raise awareness about women rights, women empowerment, and the LGBT+ community:

• University of Sulaimani: 20 seminars
• Charmo University: 6 seminars
• Said Sadiq University: one seminar
• American University: one workshop
• Computer Science Institution: 3 seminars
• Chamchamal Youth Center: 10 seminars
• Public Library of Chamchamal: 2 seminars
• Ministry of Agriculture: one seminar

What we did:
• We were able to tackle and work on human rights issues such as issues related to the LGBT+ community and women’s rights.
• We held 5 workshops about LGBT+ for 70 people from April to September 2019.
• We held two trainings for figures working in different fields about LGBT+ to correct misunderstandings in order to accomplish a professional relationship without restrictions due to gender or sexuality
• We were able to cooperate with community leaders and help them understand the issues women and the LGBT+ community faces in today’s society. We delivered our messages to the community through its leaders.
• We paraded Sulaymaniyah with art, reflecting our beliefs of equality and a better quality of life for everyone.
• We were able to help and provide support such as legal and psychological to approximately 200 people, 43 of which were LGBT+ cases.
• We produced a total of 8 videos, 4 of which were about LGBT+ and were able to display them in seminars and workshops we held

In total, we presented seminars and workshops for more than a 1000 people. Phew! Arranging these activities without our wonderful funders, KTK (for women related projects and activities) and COC (for LGBT+ related activities) would be impossible.

This is only a step and there’s more to come.