Seminar for Iraqi leaders on abortion and Missiar Marriage

As Rasan Organization, we managed to arrange a workshop on some of the most sensitive and critical issues in the Iraqi society. Our Target Guests were religious leaders, Parliament Members, Judges, lawyers, Activists, and others. Rasan has always worked on extra sensitive and crosscutting issues that are necessary, but almost no one works on.
Workshop content
-1325 ‘United Nations Security Council Resolution’
-Abortion in Iraq
-Misiar Marriage
-Mut’a marriage

– Education about the (medical, psychological and legal) aspects of abortion
-education about the legal and social aspects of Misiar and Muta marriage
-Explore diverse perspectives by engaging in open discussions
-Engage in deep discussions and collaborative missions regarding the workshop content
– Case discussion and solving in small groups
-engagement of different community leaders together for a productive discussion regarding our topics
– Setting action plans at the end of the workshop